Town Elections

For information regarding filing for public office, contact Town Clerk, Kathy Gaver. Municipal elections take place at Myersville Town Hall, located at the front entrance of the Myersville Municipal Center, 301 Main Street, Myersville, MD 21773.

Qualification of Town Voters

Every person who (1) is a citizen of the United States, (2) is at least 18 years of age, (3) has resided in the State of Maryland for at least 30 days preceding any Town election, (4) is a resident of the municipal corporation of Myersville at least 30 days prior to the Town election, and (5) is registered in accordance with the provision of the Town Charter, is a qualified voter of the Town. Every qualified voter of the Town is entitled to vote at all Town elections.

In the event a qualified voter of the Town is physically unable to access the polls on the election date, or is absent from the Town on the date of the election, per Town Code, qualified voters may submit an application to the Town for an absentee ballot. The application for an absentee ballot is available below, or may be obtained in person from the Town Clerk, located at Town Hall.

Registration of Town Voters

Registration by the Frederick County Board of Elections shall be deemed registration for Town elections, provided that the person so registered meets the voter qualifications enumerated in the Town Charter. The Town may also provide procedures, rules, and regulations for the registration of voters solely for municipal elections. The list of registered voters provided by the Town and the Frederick County Board of Elections shall be a valid voter registration list for the Town.

The Mayor and Council encourage every eligible Citizen of the Town of Myersville to exercise their right to vote in all elections.