Frequently Asked Questions


 How can I reserve a community room at Town Hall?

The Municipal Facilities User Agreement is posted on the website for your convenience under the "Clerk's Office" section of this website. You may also obtain an application from the Town Clerk via e-mail, or in person at Town Hall. The community room reservations are subject to availability as determined by the Town Clerk. Rooms may also be available within the Myersville Municipal Center through the Myersville Volunteer Fire Company.

 When is trash/recycling/yard waste picked up?

Pick-up dates for solid waste (trash), yard waste, recycling, and bulk trash can be found on the Myersville Community Calendar, located under the "Calendar" section of the website.

 Why doesn't my residence have curbside waste collection?

Town services, including yard waste and solid waste collection, can only be extended to residents within the corporate limits of the Town.

 When will my road be plowed?

Several entities are responsible for providing snow maintenance on roads within and surrounding the Town. A map indicating which roads fall under the purview of each entity may be found on the Snow Removal page.

 Do I need a permit to build or install a shed, greenhouse, fence, playset, deck, swimming pool, patio, or temporary storage container?

Playsets are not regulated by Town Code; however, structures such as sheds, greenhouses, fences, decks, pools, and patios require a zoning certificate issued by the Town. Please consult the Town Code or contact the Zoning Administrator if you require more information about these or other property modifications.

 Do I need a permit to renovate or remodel a building?

Structural alteration of any building, either internal or external, requires a zoning certificate from the Zoning Administrator

 Where can I download a zoning certificate and permit application forms?

All forms and applications are available on this website, and can also be obtained from the Town Clerk via e-mail or in person at Town Hall.

 How do I pay permit, licensing, administrative, and other municipal fees?

All fees may be paid by cash, check, credit, or debit in person at the Town Hall during business hours. Unfortunately, the Town is unable to accept payment by Discover Card or American Express.

 Where can I find the minutes from each meeting?

Meeting minutes and agendas are located on this website under the section dedicated to each respective Town board, body, commission or committee. Audio files are also available for your convenience for the last two (2) meetings held by each entity. 

 What recreational activities are available for children?

Numerous activities are planned and held each year by the Town's Parks and Recreation Committee. All public events are posted on the Myersville Community Calendar. The Town encourages participation in these events and usage of the Town's many parks and recreational facilities. 

 How do I contact the Myersville Post Office?

The phone number and other information for the Post Office may be found on the USPS website.