Lutheran Church circa 1900
St. Paul's Lutheran Church, c. 1900

The History of Myersville

The Town of Myersville, Maryland was incorporated by an Act of the Maryland Legislature in March, 1904. At the time of incorporation, Myersville had a population of 150 and was a busy, self-sufficient community with stores, warehouses, craftsmen, physicians and two banks. The incorporation of the Town came just a few years after the incorporation of the Myersville and Catoctin Railway Company in 1898. This brought the railway to Myersville, and the history of Myersville in the first half of the twentieth century is intertwined with that of the Trolley and its extension to Myersville.
Since its incorporation, the Town has grown to a community of more than 1,600 citizens and its physical boundaries have increased to more than double their original size. Myersville continues to be a vibrant and growing community. For more information, please visit the Myersville-Wolfsville Area Historical Society (MWAHS) website.
High School Postcard February 15, 1908 Main Street Postcard May 8, 1911 Main Street Postcard June 1918
High School, February 1908 Main Street, June 1911 Main Street, June 1918
History Highlights (from The History of Myersville)


Myersville is incorporated as a local municipal government.

Myersville's first public officials are elected.

Hagerstown and Myersville are connected by the Blue Ridge Trolley, including the 1898 Myersville and Cotoctin Railway (also known as the Hagerstown and Frederick Railway).


The History of Myersville is published by Ira Moser.

The Myersville School is built at 300 Main Street.

The first class of Myersville High School graduates.

1908 The Frederick County Guide becomes the Myersville Monitor.
1913 The first Myersville telephone exchange is completed.
1915 The first electrical lights are used in Myersville.
1917 The Myersville Branch of the American Red Cross is established.
1919 Myersville suffers from a large fire that destroys many businesses and brings attention to the need for a fire department.
1927 Over 2,000 people attend the Myersville Homecoming Celebration.
1931 The Myersville Volunteer Fire Company is organized.
1933 Myersville Bank is closed for only three days during President Roosevelt's Bank Holiday.

The telephone dial system is installed.

The Myersville Lions Club is organized.

1947 US Route 40 is paved.
1964 Town Code is changed to provide for a Mayor and five (5) Councilmen, replacing a Burgess and three (3) Aldermen.
1967 Stanley Kline's Woodworks burns down, but 50 members of the community help him rebuild.
1968 Interstate 70 is extended through Myersville.

Town population reaches 458, having grown 29% in 10 years.

The Myersville Junior League wins the County Championship for the fifth year in a row.

1971 The History of Myersville by Thomas Rose and Charles S. Martin, then President of the Myersville Volunteer Fire Company, is updated and re-published as a fundraising project by the Fire Company.
1981 The Town of Myersville adopts its first annexation resolution (1-81), expanding the boundaries of the Town for the first time in its 77-year history.
2000 Town population explodes to 1,382, making Myersville the fastest growing municipality in the state.
2004 Myersville celebrates its centennial.
2007 The Myersville Municipal Center, which is shared by the Town and the Fire Company, is completed.
2015 The Myersville-Wolfsville Area Historical Society is established.