Myersville Monitor

The Town of Myersville, Maryland proudly publishes the Myersville Monitor, a quarterly newsletter named after the historic weekly newspaper once published, printed, and circulated in the Town prior to the formal incorporation of the Town in 1904. The newsletter reports on topics such as upcoming events, new legislation, public safety, capital projects, public announcements, and more valuable information for citizen awareness. The Town makes these newsletters available to the public free of charge in both paper and digital format. The Town sends a copy of this publication to each water and sewer utility customer with the quarterly utility billing. If you are not a water and/or sewer utility customer, you may look for the Myersville Monitor on the Town website or pick-up a paper copy at Myersville Town Hall. The Town will make hard copies of the latest edition readily available at Town Hall; however, the Town can provide older editions upon request. The last four (4) editions will be made available in PDF format here, on the Town website.