Water & Sewer


The municipal water system, which serves 651 customers, is owned by the Town of Myersville and operated by Maryland Environmental Service (MES). The Town draws water from a combination of springs, wells, and surface water sources within the Catoctin Creek watershed. Pleasant Walk Park, consisting of 75 acres of forest that surround the municipal spring system, is maintained by the Town as a permanent Drinking Water Protection Area.

Three (3) water treatment plants supply water to residents. The primary treatment plant is located at the intersection of Canada Hill and Easterday Roads and receives water from the springs, Little Catoctin Creek, and wells in Canada Hill, Saber Ridge, and Catoctin Meadows. Additional smaller plants in the Ashley Hills and Deer Woods subdivisions receive water from wells in those subdivisions.

Water Usage

  • Maximum permitted appropriation: 256,000 gpd (gallons per day)
  • Maximum appropriation during drought conditions: 156,000 gpd
  • Current average water usage: 112,200 gpd
  • Estimate for additional 129 lots of record: 39,000 gpd
  • Total: 59.1% of permitted allocation

Fire Hydrants

Hydrant flushing occurs twice per year in April and October to remove sediment from distribution lines and maintain water quality. The Town provides for contractors to connect to hydrants with permission; however, suspected unauthorized hydrant usage should be reported to Town Hall immediately at (301) 293-4281. Water theft threatens fire protection efforts and affects water quality and availability for all citizens.


The wastewater system, which serves 638 customers, is owned by the Town and operated by MES. The Town’s wastewater treatment plant is located off Milt Summers Road and discharges clean water into Grindstone Run. The collection system consists of gravity service mains with pump stations located on Poplar Street, Easterday Road, Ashley Way, Church Hill Road, and Saddleridge Drive, as well as behind McDonald’s.

Sewer Usage

  • Rated treatment capacity of WWTP: 300,000 gpd (gallons per day)
  • Current average treatment usage: 128,500 gpd
  • Estimate for additional 129 lots of record: 39,000 gpd
  • Total: 55.8% of treatment plant capacity

Water & Sewer Documents: